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Specialized Facials

Effective, Customised Treatments

At our Midland studio, we focus on results oriented advanced treatments that are both effective and cost efficient. We offer everything from microdermabrasion and Dermaplaning (manual exfoliation techniques) to varying strengths of peels (chemical exfoliations) through to lymphatic masks (which stimulate the cells to become healthy and clear), bespoke skin needling and IPL for various concerns (pigment, hair removal and vascularity).

We take our work very seriously in that we will never perform a treatment we don’t believe in or that doesn’t work. We take pride in our results and live by the adage – do no harm. The skin is perfectly capable of healing itself as long as the conditions are right. Doing IPL on melasma, for example, is a recipe for disaster if that is the only modality in use. Just as home care is essential, so is the knowledge about the skin conditions we treat…

We never manually exfoliate over acne, we never promise long term results for melasma and we don’t use heating techniques for trauma induced pigmentation. We may be a little old school, but we prefer to get long term, healthy results for our clients…and so do they.



Since our inception in 1999, we’ve been driven by one guiding principle: the desire to deliver gentle, effective and cruelty-free skin care solutions for all. Our sweet spot is our customers—men and women of all ages who represent diverse skin tones, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Our skin care products are designed to work with all skin tones and skin types, not against them. Whether your skin care concern is dark under eye circles, hyperpigmentation, acne, redness, sensitive skin, fine lines and wrinkles or dehydration—our luxurious line of cruelty-free skin care delivers real results without harsh side effects.

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Dermaplaning & Customised Mask


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Cosmedix Timeless Vitamin A Peel


Skin Needling & Lymphatic Mask