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Skin Care Instructions

When you first purchase Dr Spiller Skin Care products, all the amazing options may seem a little overwhelming! And whilst it’s not a difficult range to navigate and use, I have put together this page so new and regular clients can pop in and check how to use their products if they have a mental blank!!


Eye Makeup Remover

This oil/water cleanser is beautiful for the sensitised, dry and thin skinned eye area. It removes  makeup and SPF easily and quickly.  Shake vigorously and dispense a good squirt onto facial cotton wipes and wipe gently over the eye area to completely remove eye makeup. It’s also perfect to take off lipstick in the same way. This cleanser should not be used over the eyes if you have false lashes on. Follow with your prescribed facial cleanser and creams.

Cleansing Milks & Creams (Cucumber, Aloe etc)

Formulated for dryer skins, these cleansers contain antioxidants to reduce irritation and prevent stripping, whilst providing a deep, effective cleanse. Dispense 2-3 pumps/20c piece size into the palm of you hand. Without mixing it with water, massage it into your face for about 30-60 seconds. Then wet your hands and massage for a further 30 seconds. If you have congestion on your nose, focus on that area for a further 20 seconds. Remove the cleanser with a soft flannel, fibrella or cotton rounds, make sure you focus around the hairline, under the jaw and behind the ears. If you’re wearing makeup, two cleanses are recommended. These cleansers are fine to use over the eye area and will not cause irritation.

Gel Cleansers (Herbal, Aloe etc)

These are soap free slightly foaming cleansers that are great for an oily, combination, acneic skin that is healing without stripping.Dispense 2-3 pumps into your wet hands and lather over your face and neck. Gentle enough to go over the eye area to remove makeup. Work the nose area well. Remove with a soft flannel.


Hydro Marin Cleansing Foam

This is a mild foaming mousse cleanser that will not dry out your skin but leave it with a healthy glow. Dispense onto cotton rounds and wipe over the face, neck and decolletage area, paying attention to the hairline and around the ears.


Toners are important as they rebalance the skins delicate pH level after cleansing. A few shakes on a cotton round is enough to then wipe over the entire face and neck. Don’t forget to go in the hairline and around the ears to make sure everything is clean and balanced. Aloe and Cucumber toners are safe for around the eye area.

Treatment Serums

By far the most potent products in any skin care range, these powerhouses are specifically designed to address every skin type and condition. However they are all used the same. Your Therapist will advise you on WHEN to use your serums as some are specific to either day or night.

After cleansing and toning, use 1-2 pumps of your serum and massage into your face and neck. If your skin is still dewy from your cleanse/tone then it will go further. Don’t just apply to dry skin as you’ll need more……and you remember how expensive your serums were, don’t you?!!

Eye Products

For the absolute best results for the eye area, your Therapist would have recommended one of the amazing Spiller eye treatments. Dispense a grain-of-rice size of products onto your ring finger to transport it to under your eyes and massage gently around the eye area. Any excess can be massaged into your lips. Always keep away from the lid area and the tear duct area. If you start forming milia in the area, you know you’re using too much or you need a lighter cream. If this happens, speak to your Therapist.

Jojoba Exfoliant

Using the small spatula, take out a 10c size amount of jojoba peeling cream and massage onto your damp face. This is a mild mechanical exfoliant containing soft spheres of jojoba wax that gently and effectively remove dead, redundant skin cells.


The beauty of the Dr Spiller moisturisers are they often have several active ingredients in one which will save money and time! All creams come with a spatula and whilst your Skin Therapist will advise you WHEN to use them, they are all used in the same way…scoop out a broad bean sized amount, rub it onto the ends of your fingers, press all over the face and neck and massage into the skin. Always massage upwards unless your Skin Therapist advises otherwise.