Brand New Treatment!

Lift & Sculpt (also known as NeoLifting or Buccal Massage)

Embraced by the likes of J-LO & Meghan Markle, this 90 minute facial experience is unlike anything you’ve imagined.

Incorporating the relaxation of the central nervous system, manual lymphatic massage, targeted sculpting massage & the increasingly popular buccal massage (intra oral) this is fast becoming a healthy alternative to muscle relaxers and fillers – which often have unhealthy and life altering side effects.

Eley is one of only 3 practitioners in Western Australia who can confidently administer this particular style of treatment and has spend many hours perfecting her craft.

If you’re wanting a slimmer and relaxed jawline, a reduction in face and neck puffiness/bloating, improved posture, fascia release in the back of the neck and supreme oxygenation of your skin cells, this is the experience you need to book in for.



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