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It’s About Commitment

Honestly – I wish there was a magic wand I could wave for clients and fix their skin quickly. A magic remedy that would require very little time, commitment or cost. The sort of quick fix you see on Facebook ads with gloriously filtered influences with fixes smiles and the answer to all your problems….

But there is not quick fix. There just isn’t.

And for me as a skin therapist, it’s a hard slog getting that through to people in a really nice, non patronising way.

The fact of the matter is, if you suffer with any kind of skin condition, it’s going to have its roots in some kind of gut related issue….and therefore, I can only support your skin while you go through the process of elimination and detoxification. Rosacea is the worst. I say the worst because it reacts superficially quite well to treatments, but it’s a disorder that once it settles, it lives in your gut and skin for good. It’s always there, waiting for ANY opportunity to pop its head up (in this case, the demodex mites’ heads!) and rage a war on your face. Or acne – an hormonal condition that every man and his dog promises a cure for (via the chemist, infomercials on TV and every second ad on social media) without ever mentioning genetics, diet or hormones.

So often I get people contact me with unrealistic expectations. They want to skip the process and just reap the rewards. It’s really hard to make them understand that it doesn’t work that way.

And then, every now and again I get clients who commit to the process and understand that the change has to come from them. They understand fully that the gut is in charge of everything and they make the changes needed to rectify the issues….and they keep those changes going until they become the new every day habits. And one day I get sent a photo of a completely healthy skin and an extraordinarily happy client who is healthier and happier than when I first met them because they took my advice, stayed the course and got the result. These are the clients I’m looking for and they’re the ones I remember long after I’ve finished treating them…