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Do We Need to do a New Year Detox?

Well, this is an interesting question..there are literally hundreds of “health and wellness” companies that tell us NOW is the time to do our annual “body detox” and surprise, surprise…THEY have the product that’s going to detox you to within an inch of your life and you’ll never feel so good as you do after 3 months on their (very expensive) products!!

What’s happened to us over the years is that we have been conditioned to treat our body not only as the enemy but as something that needs constant fixing. Instead of learning about and trusting in our bodies, we bombard it with (quite frankly) shit that it doesn’t really need. I mean, do you honestly think that sitting in a bath of magnesium three times a week and massaging a $300 cellulite cream into our gorgeous, dimply thighs is going to make up for the fact that we haven’t eaten anything remotely green or raw since March??

On a daily basis we are bombarded with tonnes of chemicals that simply didn’t exist a hundred years ago and if they did, we didn’t consume them or apply them like we do nowadays.

The best ways to detox yourself are to do things that actually support your bodies health and open the pathways for sustainable detoxing (it shouldn’t be an annual effort! It should be encouraged daily).

Sweat. Sweat daily. Whether it’s due to exercise or heat (sauna, being outside on a hot day, warm spa or bath), sweating is the easiest way our body can remove toxins – and while you’re at it…consume AT LEAST one litre of water daily. More, if you’re exercising, pregnant or breastfeeding. Filtered or rainwater is best.

Eat proteins. Your body needs proteins…and get them in a natural form for easy processing. Your liver relies on protein to effectively eliminate poisons/toxins for your system so give it a helping hand (if you’re doing a juice cleanse, you’ll need to add protein for best results).

Get a massage. Yep, you heard it here first folks! Your lymphatic system is the main eliminator of toxins so give it a helping hand by getting a lovely massage (relaxation, lymphatic or lomi-lomi are best) regularly. Make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards to help the elimination process and take it a little bit easy afterwards so your body has the time to work it’s magic.

Eat real food. It’s literally THAT simple. And if you ONLY did this, your health would improve immediately and for the long term. Start your meals with a mouthful of kimchi, wait 30 minutes after you’ve finished eating before drinking anything and BOOM! Hello weight loss, hello healthy gut, hello clear skin.Controversial hey?!

Remove gluten. Gluten contains a protein that causes inflammation – even in those of us who aren’t coeliac. Inflammation causes disease. We don’t want that.

Can you think of other ways you could detox naturally?