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Our Most Popular Treatment

Using a scalpel, the skin is exfoliated heavily and the fine, downy hair is removed before a specialised peptide mask is used to lift, rehydrate and plump the skin. This is the PERFECT facial treatment to have before a big event and can be tolerated by all skin types except active acne. A gentle Enzyme can be added for extra VA VA VOOM!!

First and foremost, dermaplaning removes facial hair and does a much better job at it than shaving your face on your own. Professional dermaplaning, in particular, gives exceptional results because of the special blade. The blade is much sharper than those designed for DIY dermaplaning. Secondly, you will receive specialised masks suitable and customised to YOUR particular skin type. Maybe Pumpkin Peel with Marshmallow Whip? Maybe Snow Algae? Maybe LED or maybe not? Who knows?! It all depends on what your skin NEEDS.


Dermaplaning with Mask


Dermaplaning & Lymphatic  Mask


Dermaplaning + Mini Peel + Lymphatic Mask