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Booking Information

I’d really appreciate it if you could read this before making at booking at my studio…

No shows and late cancellations have a serious effect on small businesses and to be honest, this is a blog that no business should ever have to write.

If you’re planning to come to my studio, you will be asked to book online and pay a $30 deposit. This secures your booking. It also prevents other potential clients from taking that spot. I have then set up a system whereby you receive a confirmation email 48 hours prior to your appointment. You will then ALSO get a text message to confirm your appointment, 24 hours prior. I pay to have this service, it’s not free. And I do that so I eliminate (as much as possible) the potential for having my time wasted.

Now, I know that life sometimes throws a curveball. Things happen, things pop up…things that throw your day and plans into disarray. And at the risk of sounding uncaring – I have to take the position that those “things” are not MY issue. It’s not personal, it’s just business – but if you cancel your appointment within the 24 hour time frame prior to your booking, you will forfeit your deposit and be required to pay another one when you want to book next time. If you’re a no show, the same rule will apply. If you’re coming to use a voucher, I will consider the voucher redeemed.

I very rarely have issues but when I do, they come in a wave – several in one day and it’s usually because I have taken a booking from a DM on my social media rather than making them book online and paying the deposit (and reading my booking conditions). I will no longer be making bookings this way – there are two ways to book….online with a booking deposit or via email with a bank transfer ( When you attend your appointment, you can then book your next appointments in person and I won’t require the fee to be ongoing…however, if no shows and continual changes happen I will reinstate it to protect my business.

As an aside, and this is something that’s very important in this climate – if you are on any medication, please check with me before you book in. Most medications require special considerations and you may not be able to have a treatment until certain medications are finished. Please note, this also includes ANY of the Covid vaccines that are currently on the market. You cannot have a treatment within 14 days of ANY vaccine. Some of the treatments we perform can cause a hypersensitivity within the skin and that can have a reaction with medications & vaccines. When our industry receives advice and information about these things, if we go against that advice – our insurance will not cover us in case of a lawsuit. And, as vaccines are generally booked in advance, this will not stop our 24 hour clause from kicking in.

I want to end this blog by saying that I value ALL my clients – both new and regular – and I thank the 99% of you who would never let me down. Boundaries are healthy and work to cultivate respectful relationships and that is what we as an industry are trying to do when we have booking conditions.