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Don’t play the guessing game with your skin routine

Get professional advice and put your skin in hands you can trust

Hi! I’m Eley and I’ll be your Skin Therapist today….

Actually, tha’ts not a joke and I really hope I will be. I’ve been in this industry for 22 years now and I’m probably more passionate about it now than I was when I began. I’ve worked all over Perth, in the UK and have had several of my own salons and clinics. I’m now working mainly in Midland with Saturdays in Northam.

Over the years my passion for knowledge and results based treatments have shaped my career and I am now recognised as a Skin Therapist, not just a Beauty Therapist.

My Mission Statement

To create a safe, mutually respectful, female centric space where long term skin health & results are a priority.

Why I Use What I Use

The treatments and products I use have been carefully selected to deliver results to all skin concerns. My focus is on delivering to you the best and most effective skin treatments available, and I work hard to reduce the amount of downtime traditionally associated with strong skin treatments so that my clients aren’t regularly experiencing disruptions to their busy lives (no, you WON’T peel after EVERY facial!).
I choose active, yet safe, numbing agents to reduce client discomfort, which won’t change the efficacy of the treatment.
As a busy working mum with 2 young girls, I appreciate and value your time – I know you don’t have hours to spend with me and will get you the best results within your appointment time. However, I will NEVER cut corners to get a “quick fix” as my motto has always been – if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.
I am very much focussed on ingredients in skin care and the way it is “delivered” to the cells. There are a lot of fallacies relating to skin care and for that reason, I have chosen my skin care lines very carefully. I have chosen to work solely with Circadia Skin because, just like no one vegetable will take care of your whole body, no one ingredient will take care of your skin as it changes over time. Circadia is a leading cosmeceutical & peels line which produce real change in the skin. I use the most effective and potent products in order to get the best results for my clients. I also utilise alkaline, enzyme & peptide products to ensure my clients have the best possible treatments in clinic – a special favourite is the Firming Peptide over the Oxygen Treatment…ask for it when you’re next in clinic!

Hand in hand with my skin care range is the amazing Renovatio Activated Phenolics range…the only anti oxidant neutraceutical range that my family and I take religiously!
I know my clients trust me enough that whatever skin care line I offer will be the best, both in terms of results and ease of use. I’m the first to look at new treatments and equipment and decide if it’s worthwhile or just hype and I believe my clients know that about me and trust my judgement. I guarantee that my clients will end up with skin they love for the rest of their lives if they put their skin in my hands, which is why I have clients who come to me who have been coming since I first graduated!!