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Skin Therapy Midland & Perth

Clear, healthy, young looking skin starts here.

Eley Hooper – Skin Therapist

Welcome to Eley Hooper – Skin Therapist. We’re a professional studio in Midland, in Perth WA that provides incredible skin therapy services and skin therapy products to help revitalise and rejuvenate your skin. Our services include skin needling, dermaplaning, specialised facials, IPL for hair removal and IPL for skin rejuvenation. We also sell skin therapy products in our online store. For that younger, clearer and healthier skin, look no further than us.

Why would someone need a Skin Therapist?

It’s really quite simple – everyone wants to look younger, for longer, sooner. Right? No one wants to struggle with acne (teenage or adult), not everyone wants to use medications for their skins and most people want to have clear, bright, luminous skin that doesn’t need to be covered up with makeup.

Imagine a professional studio where your skin can be treated holistically by someone who understands that quick fixes don’t exist & the only way to great skin is through commitment & education.

Most people want to age gracefully and slowly…and with the right tools & knowledge, this is absolutely achievable. You don’t need to fix skin if you’ve looked after it properly – so let’s look after it today & enjoy clear, makeup free skin tomorrow.

Change your skin today

What our clients say…

“AMAZING! I’ve been seeing Eley to help clear my acne for the past 7 months. She has so much knowledge and is a great person to be around. I’m so thankful for her and all that she does to help me along my skin journey. She is always honest, accommodating and I always look forward to seeing her because I only ever see continuous improvement in my skin which I am very thankful for”. ¬†Britney

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Before you go…

I have been fortunate to partner with some amazing women in the areas I work with who I would like to draw your attention to. Jen Barnard Beauty Studio is where I used to work from in Midland Village before I found my own space (2 doors down!) – and Jen is the best brow technician I’ve ever known.

If you’ve struggled with your brows, lost them for some reason or just want to maintain what you’ve already been blessed with, then it’s time to visit Jen.

She’s the expert in tattooing, wax, tint, henna and lamination – basically whatever the hair on your face needs, she can provide!

Alongside us in Midland Village is Lela & Co – the gorgeous Lisa is an amazing hairdresser and whether it’s for a complete hair makeover or just a trim and tidy – I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.